Japanese Summer Hair Styles

This summer is all about natural looking movement and volume.

If your hair is long, make it silky and voluminous with plenty of shimmering highlights. Wavy and bouncy are also popular this summer. For shorter hair, make it fun, cool and sexy with blended colors and texture to bring out your personality.


Japanese Make-Up and Celebrity Secrets

Celebrities always look fabulous. Thanks to their stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers of course:)

We understand the need for all of us to look and feel a million dollars every once in a while, so let’s reveal how celebrities like Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Olsen Sisters, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, and Paris Hilton achieve their look using Japanese make-up.


Japanese Hair Styles for 2007

For summer, try a short hair style for a new style that is quick, easy to achieve, melt-proof and sexy.



The temperature is hot and you are in the mood for a new hair style. Let's take a look at what is possible.


Look like a Celebrity: Fashion Tips, Secrets and Trends Part 4

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

If you want to avoid that metal eyelash curler that looks like a torture devise, opt for a product that contains a curling formula.


Look like a Celebrity: Fashion Tips, Secrets and Trends Part 3

Makeup Tip:

Vaseline is a great eye makeup remover. You only have to use a tiny amount to remove even the strongest waterproof mascara. Directions: rub Vaseline on each eye (it will smear). Next use a reusable wet washcloth to remove. It moisturizes the eye area and easy to use.


Look like a Celebrity: Fashion Tips, Secrets and Trends

Japanese Celebrity Beauty Tips Part 1

Makeup has an incredible way of transforming one’s appearance from featureless to fabulous. Japanese makeup does the best job of enhancing natural beauty.


Funky Eye Shadow


Top Cosmetics and Beauty Products of 2006

Top beauty and cosmetic products of 2006 Part 1

as voted by Japanese magazine readers.

The Winners

Make Up Base



Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products are designed to help create and hold hair styles, but every hair type and style can require a different hair styling product.

To choose the right hair styling products first identify your personal hair type and styling needs.