Top Cosmetics and Beauty Products of 2006

Top beauty and cosmetic products of 2006 Part 1

as voted by Japanese magazine readers.

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Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products are designed to help create and hold hair styles, but every hair type and style can require a different hair styling product.

To choose the right hair styling products first identify your personal hair type and styling needs.

Japanese Celebrity Hair Styles

You may love a cut on a celebrity, but your hair may not be the same texture or your face may not be the same shape as hers, or, the cut won't look the same on you. Ask your stylist for variations appropriate to you.

Trendy Japanese Hair Styles for 2007

The biggest hair disasters occur when your stylist doesn't understand exactly what you want. Pictures will help convey your message. Better communication, better result.


Hottest Japanese Hair Styles for Spring 2007

Spring clean your style with a new cut. With each season comes a host of new looks.


Japanese Hair Styles

Change your hair style, change your mood. That's how important your locks are.


Eye Makeup Tips

Techniques and advice for applying eye makeup Japanese Style.

Here, get the latest on new makeup ideas and trends.

Japanese Eye Makeup Secrets Part 3

Japanese Eye Makeup Secrets Part 3